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What is Practically Possible?

I’ll just lay it all out there for you.

I’m a procrastinator.

I start many projects but finish few.

I find it difficult to stay consistent with anything in life (routines, budgeting, parenting tactics, etc.).

And I am occasionally lazy.

The fact that you are here reading this tells me that you can probably relate to at least one of those bad habits too!

The good news (and the reason I started this blog) is that even though we are flawed, we have a desire to do better.

Maybe we don’t want to put more work into it, but we definitely want a better outcome!

And therein lies the entire purpose of Practically Possible: working smarter, not harder. Doing more with your time (and money).


What You’ll Find on this Blog

Every blog post is written out of my own experience.

Each one is created to share with you ways to do the stuff you have to do anyway.

But to do it in a way that will save you time (and/or money).

Currently, I have three major topics:


Food/Menu Planning


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More About Me

I’m a 30-something mom of 3. My kids are 10, 13, and 15. I spent the first 10 years of motherhood at home with my kids. I’m glad I got to spend their formative years at home, but honestly, I was glad to get out of the house and work!

While my kids were at home, I had a home daycare, operated a home-based travel agency, and attended night school to get my bachelor’s degree!

Once my youngest hit kindergarten, I got a full-time job outside the home. However, I still maintain my travel agency, and now I’ve taken up blogging!


As you may be able to tell, I like to stay busy. Occasionally, I get overwhelmed by the number of tasks on my to-do list. But that’s what this blog is about. Finding ways to work smarter, not harder. How can I get everything I want with the least amount of time, money, and energy?

I hope you enjoy reading!

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